December 16

Worth to Buy! 3 Brightest LED Headlights Bulbs

LED headlights bulbs are one of the stuff that you need to upgrade the performance of your car. The LED lighting scene has developed a lot for the past few years in the automotive market. This development also makes the companies, like offering some new products. It is excellent things to replace HID bulbs or stock halogen.
Are you looking for new LED headlights bulbs? Here is some recommendation for headlights bulbs that worth to buy, and also make your car performance stunning with brighter LED headlights on it.
Brightest LED Headlights Bulbs
1. JDM ASTAR G1 8000
JDM ASTAR G1 8000 is one of the brightest headlights bulbs you can choose. This LED headlights bulbs equipped with 1st Gen COB LED chips. For lighting output it has 4000 lumens and 8000 raw lumens each bulbs. It also has 9V to 32V in voltage and wattage up 35W. This bulbs cost around $39.99.
2. SiriusLED Extremely Bright COB LED Headlights
This has 8000 Lumen and 4000 Lumen for lighting output for each bulbs, completed with Customize LED chips. SiriusLED has driver and patent pending LED chip that combine in 1 metal body design technology which is the best for heat dissipation. For newer American or European car might need decoder to avoid error and flickering bulbs. This model cost $59.95 at price.
3. Auxbeam F-16 Series Headlights Bulbs
Auxbeam F-16 headlights bulbs made from CREE LED chips and luxury gold alumunium with aircraft grade. It produces super bright light on the road without foggy light or dark spots. Completed with 6000k white light makes it perfect to reflect road paint and road signs. This has compact design with All-in-one integrated, and built-in CANbus.
That’s all information about some brightest LED Headlights Bulbs for your car. You can choose the best one, which will make your car performances more stunnning. Check the website to get more information about it.

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