January 24

This Error Is Often Done In The Property Investment Process

Lombok is known as one of the tourist attractions that are never empty of tourists and even international tourists. This is what makes it one of the right places to invest in property. In fact, many people choose visi-jabon as their place of investment in the region. Property investment is indeed considered as the right investment because it is low risk but has a high enough profit.

Unfortunately, there are many people who make mistakes even when they are in the post-purchase stage. This is what many people should be aware of because it is the most important stage. Some of the mistakes that should be watched out are

– In the days of after sales, investors did not escape mistakes. The first mistake is not doing maintenance, because the existence of special costs for his property is very important. Its function is of course to keep the property owned by investors maintained so that when they want to be sold, the property price does not drop.

– Second, do not make over. Yes, to sell the property again, make a makeover so that the furniture and installations remain sleek and functioning properly is very important. Possibly, the sale and purchase agreement can be canceled because of a trivial problem, for example, the tap is not functioning or rusty.

– Third, sell during the sluggish period. Selling property in difficult times is certainly a fatal mistake for investors. This is because the price will certainly be very cheap when selling. In this low period, investors should look for cheap properties instead of selling them.

Even when buying property, there are still frequent mistakes. In times of buying property, investors also often fall into error. First, investors do not use the services of a notary. Using the services of a notary (usually 1% of property value) is so important to maintain the validity or legality of your property.

Second, investors are not directly behind the name (secondary house). This is certainly very difficult for investors if they want to sell the property. For this reason, if you buy a secondary property, it is better for the investor to immediately return the name so that when you want to sell it again, it is not a hassle.

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