December 29

Things to Know When Individuals Use the Public Wifi

Do you plan to install wifi for your restaurant or cafe? Make sure you will think about Wireless site survey Toronto before doing the installation of wifi. Nowadays, wifi installation and the one you offer free for any visitor or customer seems like a good idea to attract more and more potential visitors. With the wifi service you provide, they have the reason to make a purchase or to choose the menu at your restaurant.

WiFi is indeed the first thing that is asked for smartphone users when in a place facilitated by WiFi because the internet connection using WiFi will definitely save data packages that save money.

Almost all crowd centers now provide WiFi facilities such as restaurants, malls, coffee shops, cafes, and several other hangouts.

However, individuals need to be careful if you use free wifi or WiFi in public places, there are things that must be considered when using Wifi in public places.

1. Don’t Believe in a Passwordless WiFi network
WiFi that does not require a password to connect to the network, because cybercriminals generally create such networks to track users’ personal data.

2. Turn off WiFi
When not using it, WiFi turns off, in addition to preventing direct connection to a previously saved Wifi Network, it can also save battery power on your device

3. Avoid opening a charged account
When using free WiFi, avoid opening a banking account or other important service services that have sensitive account information. It’s better to use a personal Mobile Data connection.

4. Use Antivirus
Using an antivirus can help detect some possible weirdness that will appear when connected to the internet network.

5. Network Structure
When in a public area, set the device settings to connect to the network manually. Don’t set the network to connect automatically.

6. Ensure Legal Network Access
You need to ensure that public WiFi will be used legally, by asking the WiFi provider to confirm the network name and ensure the connection process. This will help to avoid a network of hoaxes that are made similar by hackers to outwit users.

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