January 10

The most fitting type of fur carpet for the house

Carpets are complementary elements of the floor that are often found in homes. Because the carpet is able to protect the surface of the floor and also makes the occupants’ feet feel more comfortable and warm when pacing on it. Besides that, it can also add to the aesthetics of the room. Fur carpet is one of the most preferred types of carpet. But, do you know that fur carpet companies near me consist of many types?

Polypropylene type fur rugs are made from synthetic materials and the fur texture is quite smooth. This carpet is suitable to be placed in the dining room because the material is easy to clean using water. The material is also thin so you can move it whenever you want. The price is quite cheap compared to other types of fur carpets. Unfortunately, this carpet has a color that easily wears off and the thread is easily separated from the seam. This will make the carpet no longer look attractive. Nylon type carpet has a texture that is very comfortable to stand on. Besides that, the price is quite cheap. So it’s no wonder there are many office buildings that line the entire floor with these feather rugs. Although one day there will be damage to the carpet, the owner does not need to replace all parts because this nylon fur carpet can be repaired per section. The price is cheap, the costs in the future are also fairly cheap. If you spill food or drinks on the carpet, don’t worry because this carpet can be cleaned using water and soap.

For those of you who prefer the aesthetic value in the room, choose a viscose type fur carpet. This carpet is made using synthetic materials whose texture resembles silk. The price is definitely cheaper than the original silk carpet. The choice of colors and patterns is also very much so that it can be adjusted to the style of your home interior.

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