January 23

A brief history of golf

For those of you golf lovers there is no harm in knowing history and the origin of golf. Maybe you already know a lot about the history of this game, but it doesn’t hurt to review about golf. At first golfing originated in Scotland / the Netherlands and has been played for approximately 500 years on a British archipelago. The oldest golf course in the world that has been found in The Old Links in Musselburgh. This is where golf has long been played since 1672. People who often play golf are often called golfers. Golf Sports is also familiar with the handicap system. Meanwhile, check out the recommended bangkok golf if you visit Thailand.

At first, the game like golf was played on February 26, 1297, in the Netherlands, in the city of Loenen aan de Vecht. Formerly the Dutch played with using sticks and balls from the skin. The winner will be the player who is able to reach the highest number of ball goals. The target was carried out from a few hundred meters apart. This game was carried out to put the ball in using a golf stick that was made like a bat that had been played in the Netherlands in the 17th century. At first, golf was played by Scottish people. In addition, there are still a number of document histories that tell about golf-like games that exist in various places on the European Continent.

Right in April 2005, some new evidence was revived by a debate about the origin of the game of golf. The most recent evidence found from Professor Ling Honglung’s report came from Lanzhou University by showing a similar game that was later known to golf by many people today. This game continues to grow rapidly with many players in the State of China in the era of the Southern Tang Dynasty, around the century 500 years ago before golf was mentioned for the first time in Scotland.

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